Uncle Rod

I slept with a woman last night because that’s what you do when her husband dies and there is no one else to hold her hand while she tries to remember every second of the last day with her husband until she falls asleep from exhaustion at 2:34 in the morning.

My uncle died at the young age of 54 and I am heartbroken. Uncle Roddy was spectacular. He told the silliest jokes, had such passionate views, a genuine smile, the coolest handshake (included shooting pistols) and absolute committed love for my aunt. He was proud and worked hard for all that he had. He was not afraid of physical labor. He was not afraid of calling people out when they were wrong. He was not afraid of owning his mistakes. He was not afraid of investing in the souls of other people around him. This is what I call love. He was not afraid of love.

A cowboy at heart, he and my aunt stirred my daughters’ interests in horseback-riding, raising their self esteem in the process and created forever memories that will never be forgotten. They helped me to mold my girls into the brave, beautiful women they are today. My uncle taught me so many things…like how to handle what we like to call “unscheduled dismounts” off of horses to using your hand to know what time the sun will set. He was my family before we were family. Always gracious and providing to others and now he is gone, too soon.

In his memory…tell silly jokes, be passionate, be genuine, smile a lot, be cool, create goofy handshakes, love. Be proud of what you are and what you have accomplished, appreciate physical labor, stand up for your beliefs, apologize when you should, love. Life’s too short to be anything but happy. Be happy now.


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