Happy Day!

In my past year I have…

  • Helped to build a house in Bali with a family in need.
  • Made bad decisions.
  • Made new friends that are real and make me happy without a lot of effort.
  • Listened to someone tell me that they honestly believed I had brain cancer or a mental illness and that I needed help.
  • Attended about 20 therapy sessions (maybe they were right?).
  • Reconnected with my high school friend and visited her home devastated by the Alabama tornados.
  • Been offered money in exchange of a night of role playing.
  • Traveled to Bali, Indonesia; Atlanta, GA (10x); New Orleans (LA); Chicago, IL (2x); Bay St Louis, MS; Wilmington, DE; Carolina Beach, NC; Orlando, FL; Washington, DC (x2), Talladega, AL; Jacksonville, FL; Huntsville, AL; Americus, GA (2x), and the Bahamas.
  • Read over 30 books (would like to improve that # this year). My favorites: Authentic Happiness, The Prophet, Predictably Irrational, Flawless Consulting, The Four Agreements, Life of Pi, and The Road Less Traveled.
  • Paid cash to stay in a hotel room twice out of fear that I would be found and harmed.
  • Contemplated whether to “gun it” to watch someone fly off the hood of my car, but decided not to because of the scratches it might leave to the paint.
  • Been followed by a private investigator.
  • Bought a new car, Gennie, after much research (and have no car payments).
  • Received a lovely speeding ticket in that new car (minor setback, but worth the moment; yeah, she runs hot).
  • Had skymiles stolen from me.
  • Had surgery to remove a gall bladder due to gall stones.
  • Had all of my online accounts hacked and then worked to re-establish them.
  • Co-hosted a kick-ass Halloween party.
  • Been threatened–emotionally, physically, mentally, professionally. Repeatedly.
  • Seen Dave Matthews Band in concert (even though they weren’t officially touring this year).
  • Started a blog.
  • Wondered if he really did buy a gun. Still wonder some times.
  • Been honored to watch my mother-in-law take her last breath. Betty passed in June to cancer after we spent much time, love, money and effort in providing her care for many years.
  • Lost relationships to all but three of my previous in-laws to ignorance. Peace be with them.
  • Was tested for an unusual mass around my uterus (it was nothing – phew!)
  • Spent many a sushi dinner with my daughter, Katie.
  • Moved out and survived the last five months re-establishing myself and my finances despite the fact that my assets are tied up and my share of rental income being held hostage.
  • Increased my ability to be more patient and less reactive.
  • Ran my first 5K with my daughter, Erika.
  • Been intrigued at the life of my 82 year old grandmother, Meme, who also died recently from cancer. She spent her entire life serving others is so many ways. She was a cadet co-pilot during WWII, a professional clown, a care provider for many people approaching the end of thier lives, was often bitter and mean to her children and grandchildren and made some of the biggest sacrifices I have ever known any person in my life to make for another human being. She could also play a mean hand of cards.
  • Supported my daughter, Erika, in her debut on homecoming court.
  • Spent many nights with my Aunt Debbie, deepening our relationship after the loss of my Uncle Rod at a young age to a heart attack.
  • Maintained the ability to not be in debt, save money for a cruise with my mom, sister, aunts and daughters, as well as for Christmas 2012 without borrowing, begging or stealing from anyone.
  • Cried a lot more than I thought I would, but for the most part with an agenda.
  • Rediscovered happiness.

I am celebrating my birthday with a review of my successes and challenges in the last year.  I am claiming it a landmark in life — a close to the past year of struggles and immense growth and also to the continuance of my pursuit of happiness and growth, which we are all entitled to and should actively seek. Happy birthday to me.


2 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. Happy Birthday Alice! I am amazed and proud of your revelations in your post. I am lucky to have you in the family. You are younger than I but I can say with pride that I look up to you for strength and fortitude. Congrats on making it thru the winding path of life. Wishes sent your way for a path, not without stones, just one with less stones. As it is with those stones we learn new and creative ways to overcome. Love. Cousin Sue

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