Three things I like about you (that impact my life).

1 – You never give up (and it helps me to hold on).

I am always amazed by people that never give in. Let me be clear here: I don’t mean the people that set some amazing goal like running a marathon or winning some kind of competition and relentlessly press forward until they meet that accomplishment. These are indeed great achievers and should be praised in their own way, but what I mean is something different. What I am amazed by are people that have been exposed to great strife in their lives…a loved one lost, a crime of humanity committed against them, an overwhelming sickness.

What I am amazed by are abused children whom are capable of creating lives with beauty and meaning and impact. What I am amazed by are the mothers who have lost their children and the children who have lost their parents and continue to wake up every day, hearts heavy with grief, but they still wake up! and accept the day. What I am amazed by are the caretakers of the sick or the dying, these sacrificing saints make life changes to accommodate, putting others needs before their own, knowing that no one else will.

You never give up and this makes me look up to you in amazement. It makes me want to be a better person. It makes me want to live my life in a more humble way, appreciative of the challenges that are presented to me with the knowledge that everything is relative.

2 – You smile (and it makes me smile IN MY HEART!)

Happiness is contagious and is most easily spread amongst people who matter to each other; people like you. I love your smile, especially in that moment when it first begins to appear on your face. Your eyes give it away first followed by all of the other features that support that lovely smile. In that beautifully timed sequence, synapses lead your mind to inform your face to spread that “glad thing”; to share it and I am so glad you do.

I’d like to think that it is my presence in your life that might be causing those smiles, but I am aware that those are selfish thoughts. You often smile without me and that makes me glad, too. I know that it has been scientifically proven that happiness prolongs life, so when you are smiling, I am happy because I know that you will live longer. I want you to live longer. That would make me smile, too.

3 – You are successful (and it makes me feel successful; I AM successful.)

It makes me happy to hear about what you are doing to make your life better, to grow, to learn, to have fun, to share times with friends and family, experience the world and sustain the successes you have created.

Usually when I am worried or fearful or sad or not at ease in life, it is because you are struggling. Whether I should or not, I own part of that struggle. I want you to know that I believe that challenges can always lead to some level of success, but challenges are not something I would typically think to celebrate. For instance, grieving the loss of a loved one does not ever feel successful in my experience, but the success is delivered through the deeper relationships shared with others and the continued celebration of the life that once was.  I believe that our human instinct is to think negatively of the challenges, but think about this: what if we celebrated them instead?

If it is going to result in some level of success, wouldn’t we be better off focusing on the success instead of the struggles? The struggle is inevitable, of course!

Sometimes it is simply easier to isolate the struggles and not realize the delayed success that does come, even if in limited amounts. I don’t always know what your struggles will lead to but I do know two things: First, you don’t give up. Second, you like to smile. With that combination, it’s hard to believe that you can’t be somewhat successful; and somewhat successful is pretty damn good. Remember…? It’s ALL relative.

Because I am a part of your life, I share your success. Every time you achieve something new, get over a challenge, decide to not give up on the day, I become more successful because you are part of me.

Yes, I like you (and thank you for impacting my life).


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