About the Blog

I am a mother of two brilliant children, an avid Dave Matthews Band follower, have worked the non-profit sector for over 15 years and love exploring cultures. I am interested in the development of people, the betterment of things and the ability to have a positive impact in our world. I also happen to be going through one of the most pivotal adjustments in my life…a divorce and then some. I like to call it “My Capital Refinement” — a few words put together to describe the investment I have made/am making in really focusing on who I am and where I want to go in life.

capital=first rate/excellent/form of wealth/stock or value of goods

refinement=bringing to a purer state/make more precise

I wrote these words down on paper along with some other random notes of lessons learned in life, which helped to give birth to this blog.

A few achievements in this refinement that I am most recently proud of include the honest and courageous relationship with my daughters, the ability to put together furniture on my own, my mastery of starting over with nothing and maintaining an inventory of authentic happiness. I am amazing, but not without self doubt, personal treason and lessons learned along the way.


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